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A Guide to Opera for the Perplexed. This development, tracked largely by key composers, is set against significant events in American history, putting neatly into context the achievements of the time. Distinguished music writer Barrymore Laurence Scherer unfolds an enthralling history, illustrating the importance of not only renowned names, such as Gershwin, Copland, Bernstein, Joplin and Sousa, but also those in the shadows, such as William Henry Fry and John Knowles Paine.

Broadway, opera, musicals, bandstands, marching bands, and piano players all get their place. Woven throughout the book are links to carefully chosen selections on the accompanying CD and website that bring these composers and musical movements to life. Includes more than an hour of music.

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A Brief History of 20th Century Classical Music (Tetris-style)

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    America’s Classical Music

    Keyword Search. Free access to a dedicated website with hours of extra music. Composition Title. Disc Title. This sacred classical music was provided to support the liturgy of the Catholic Church.

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    Newman Three Sonatas, for the piano forte or harpsichord, New York During the mid to late 19th century, a vigorous tradition of home-grown classical music developed, especially in New England. Academics view this development as pivotal in the history of American classical music because it established the characteristics that set it apart from its European ancestors. This initiative was driven by musicians who wanted to produce American indigenous music. Together with Paine, the group was also known as the Boston Six. Many of these composers went to Europe — especially Germany — to study, but returned to the United States to compose, perform, and acquire students.

    Some of their stylistic descendants include 20th-century composers such as Howard Hanson , Walter Piston , and Roger Sessions.

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    Ives was considered the last of the Second New England School composers although his music is viewed by some as one that still drew influence from European tradition mixed with modernism. In the early 20th century, George Gershwin was greatly influenced by African American music. He created a convincing synthesis of music from several traditions. Similarly inclined was Leonard Bernstein , who at times mixed non-tonal music with Jazz in his classical compositions.

    American classical music: Exploring roots, reflections

    Many of the major classical composers of the 20th century were influenced by folk traditions, none more quintessentially, perhaps, than Charles Ives or Aaron Copland. Other composers adopted features of folk music , from the Appalachians, the plains and elsewhere, including Roy Harris , Elmer Bernstein , David Diamond , Elie Siegmeister , and others.

    Yet other early to midth-century composers continued in the more experimental traditions, including such figures as Charles Ives , George Antheil , and Henry Cowell. Others, such as Samuel Barber , captured a period of Americana in such pieces as Knoxville: Summer of The 20th century also saw important works published by such significant immigrant composers as Igor Stravinsky and Arnold Schoenberg , who came to America for a variety of reasons, including political persecution, aesthetic freedom and economic opportunity.

    See Modernism music for more information on the rise of Modernism in America and throughout the world. Minimalism is a musical movement that started in the early s in New York City. Composers such as Philip Glass , Steve Reich , and John Adams composer used experimental composition techniques such as drones, phasing, repeated motifs, sharp contrasts between mixed meters, simple but often abrupt movements between minor and major chords with the same root, contrasts between tonality and atonality, and a large amount of use of synthesizers to display the interplay of the fundamental building blocks of music: the cancellation and amplification of wavelengths that make up all acoustic and synthesized sound.