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The book offers advice on recognizing and out-manoeuvring the smoothest talkers, sharpest tongues and biggest fault-finders. It contains workable suggestions for confronting the verbal bully, coping with criticism, negotiating and compromising, or taking on a position of authority so that one gets the most from subordinates. The book teaches the reader to: understand the three main personality types - aggressive, submissive and assertive; handle potential conflict situations; communicate effectively; learning to say no; deal with complaints; motivate others and building a sense of teamwork; and reduce stress levels.

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Their spiritual leader was a charismatic Princeton -educated monk whom some have accused of running the retreat as a cult. Strange tales come out of the American desert: lost cities of gold, bandit ambushes, mirages and peyote shamans. To that long list can now be added the story of the holy retreat that led to an ugly death.

Mostly, though, it has only raised more questions. Was it a genuine spiritual enclave?

What happened to drive Ms. McNally and Mr. Thorson out of the camp and into the wilderness? And just why, in a quest for enlightenment, did Mr. Thorson, a year-old Stanford graduate, end up dead, apparently from exposure and dehydration , in a remote region of rattlesnakes and drug smugglers? When Ms.

Kate Thorson

Thorson left the retreat on Feb. The monk who ran the retreat, Michael Roach , had previously run a diamond business worth tens of millions of dollars and was now promoting Buddhist principles as a path to financial prosperity , raising eyebrows from more traditional Buddhists. He had described Ms. What the other participants did not know is that before she married Mr.

Mysterious Buddhist Retreat in the Desert Ends in a Grisly Death

Thorson, Ms. McNally had been secretly married to Mr. Roach, in stark violation of the Buddhist tradition to which he belongs. Even the manner in which Ms. Thorson left the retreat adds a fresh turn to an already twisty tale. It came days after she made a startling revelation during one of her lectures: she said that Mr.

Thorson had been violent toward her, and that she had stabbed him, using a knife they had received as a wedding gift. The authorities do not suspect foul play in Mr.