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Once you get started, continue to take continuous action. This can be as easy as scheduling time to spend 15 minutes completing a small task daily.

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Those small tasks will add up quickly, and help you build confidence by seeing achievement. Most people detest public speaking. However, have you ever realized the worst part? It is usually waiting around to speak. Even the most experienced and poised speakers can get nervous during this time.

However, once you get started that fear and anxiety disappear. Action can be a cure for fear. If you find yourself scared, become a doer and see how you overcome your fear and build confidence. The second best time is now. Focus on what you can do in the present. Have you ever jumped on your computer to write an article only to start responding to emails, checking your social networking sites, and searching the internet? We live in a world of increasing noise.

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This noise can cause distractions that prevent us from being productive and give us an excuse to procrastinate. The simple truth is that one average idea put into action is far more valuable than 20 genius ideas that are being saved for some other day or the right time. When you have an idea or make a decision, get into the habit of taking action. Jump off the log and discover all of the amazing things you can accomplish. Disclosure of Material Connection: I may have received one or more of the products or services I have written about for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog.

What path did they follow? What are their habits? What do they seem to do every day or weekly? Daily Practice. If something is important to you, it needs to become a constant in your life. You need discipline and the willingness to show up every day and work towards it.

Put it in your calendar and do something every day. The momentum of that will teach you to stop stalling.

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Why am I spinning my wheels studying all the time and not taking real action? How is it going to change their life? How is it going to make that difference? Do something here, you gotta help some people. So they just get in the mix. They just get in the game.

BUT even less who have them actually do anything about it. This is so motivational to me! All of these tips may seem like common sense, but most of us never do them and take that action! This is so true! I love your blog and your inspiring content. Great Post! So love that you mentioned the 5 second rule, what a great lesson that is. I like to this of the 5 minute rule, just put aside 5 minutes or 5 dollars if its a financial goal. To buy this coffee or save, or to watch 5 minutes of YouTube or to take action.

I tend to plan, research, and overthink and idea to death before if ever taking action. This series is so motivating. You are so not alone in this! We have a saying here in Greece which translates something like this: the start is the half of everything!

The Action Habit: 7 Proven Ways to Move from Deciding to Doing

Thank god I came across your post. Its actually preventing me from success some days. Distractions are the worst, I go for a whole sensory deprived approach to focusing, noise canceling headphones and all. Give it a try! Awesome message, my friend. We need to stand in our power and then move forward. The only thing that can truly hold us back is ourselves.

I think actually getting in the zone and getting started is always the hardest part of anything, once you start the rest is usually easy. But I find that once you commit to those first few minutes, you can keep going! This another great breakdown of how to take action. Another great post! These are super cute planning products you have displayed. I like your advice on taking action on your goals. So glad you enjoyed it! Privacy Policy. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer.

Share Pin 3K. Tweet Buffer 3. Anyhow, eventually write I did….

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Hey Stephanie, Thanks so much! You should come up with your own, it really helps! Hey Cheryl, I can only imagine how hard it is to stay focused with your little ones. Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy it! Hey Toni, Glad you found this post found you at the right time. Hey Shelley, We all get a little lazy sometimes. Hey Censie, If one wants a certain life, we have to take action!