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The one thing that I really find fascinating is that consciousness evolves. Masters of consciousness evolve. If you look at some of the aspects of the Masters from 2, years ago, they will appear very unrefined. I know the Buddha is very much revered nowadays. But I feel some of the aspects of Buddhism are truly ignorant.

The aspect of Buddhism that is most ignorant is its relationship with women. I never understand how any woman could possibly become Buddhist. The only way that I can understand how a woman can become Buddhist is that the woman really does not understand Buddhism. One of the vows of the Medicine Buddha is that "I will pray for you, poor woman, for all the girls here, for you to become men in your next incarnation. Because as a woman you have no chance, you are just an inferiour creature. So, girls, I feel sorry for you. You can go home now. No need to be here, you have no chance at becoming liberated in consciousness.

If you understood this, how could you not rebel against it? Which is what some American women have actually started to do with the Dalai Lama. So, don't mess with the American woman. And once the French woman finds out about this, she is going to join the American woman in the rebellion and they will visit the Dalai Lama together. But that is what happens if you go into a house that is 1, or 2, years old. It leaks through the roof when it rains. Et voila. That is the bad news.

But the good news is that consciousness evolves and becomes more and more sophisticated. Actually, I feel that women have higher chances at becoming awakened than men. Tonight we have an unusual situation.

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Look how many men are here. It is amazing. Usually women are about 80 percent of the audience.

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That is normal. The reason for that is that they are more sensitive than men. They feel more. They are more psychic. Except of course all the men that are here tonight. The men that are here tonight are very exceptional. They are in fact super sensitive. That sometimes is also part of their pain. You come here and you feel great. You go into the metro, you feel all the stuff there. You feel too much. But coming back to the central theme of suffering, I just want to say a few final words.

It is really important that if you feel suffering in your life that you ask yourself the question: "What is my suffering?

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You need to discover what that is. You must discover the source of your suffering and how do you repeat it in your daily life. What thought and behavior pattern do I practice that causes your suffering? Make the effort to search and comprehend your fashion of suffering. The only way you can do that is by asking the question and through intensive self observation.

And that is a lot of work. But if you do this work, you will benefit. You will see your suffering. You will see the source of your suffering. That is the good news. Become conscious of how you make yourself suffer. And once you become conscious, why would you go on doing it?

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  7. Of course the answer to that is also simple. You go on repeating your patterns that cause you suffering because you are too afraid to let go. You are too afraid to make the jump. There is something very strange about suffering and the way we make ourselves suffer. After a while you get very good at it and it becomes very comfortable. You take a hammer, you hit yourself over the head and you become very comfortable with the process of inflicting suffering upon yourself. And if you stop it, we don't know what will happen.

    The unknown. The amazing thing is that we can become fascinatingly addicted to that which makes us suffer. And we are afraid of letting go of that which makes us suffer. It is like you are standing at the edge of a nest. You are supposed to fly away.

    But the nest was very comfortable for a long time. And now somebody says, "Fly into the sky. What if I cannot fly, you ask yourself.

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    What if I fall down? We are afraid to try our wings. So, I invite you to explore the roots of your suffering. If you do that, you will benefit. Le mot Tantra se compose de deux syllabes, tan et tra. Tout cela appartient au Tantra, et plus encore.

    Ils aimaient Dieu. Ils appelaient Dieu. Ce processus est sans fin.

    go to link Ainsi, nous restons humbles. Chaque atome de notre existence doit devenir conscient. Je ne saurais me satisfaire de moins. Tel est mon choix. Nous avons tous le choix. Anand Karunesh PM 0 comments.