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Her "Littlejim" series are books about her father, J. In each book she wrote of her childhood experiences and stories handed down through her family and community. Donations can be made in Gloria Houston's memory to buildOn, a literacy charity for children living in poverty buildOn.

Read More. Listen to Obituary. Remember Share memories or express condolences below. View All. Add Message. I have several books signed by her Add Photos Gloria was signing a book for my unborn child. Gloria with teachers who love her and her books. Henry: Yes. Didn't you know; the moon is made of green cheese? Min: Pooh! Oh, we can have it for supper Henry.

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Bluebottle: Oh, dat's a good idea, auntie Min. Min: Young 'Bottle! What are you doing out of bed, without your pyjama trousers on? Bluebottle: You see, what it was, we was playing from the latest film "Zarak", and Little Jim had my pyjama trousers over his nut, Min: Oooh He'd got one arm down the leg'ole, wavin' it about, like a trunk. He was an elephant, you see. Min: Go on, Buddy. Bluebottle: Well, suddenly I sneezed, and the seat of my trousers fell out, knocking Little Jim into the bath.

Tell dem what happened Little Jim.

Little Jim: I fell in de wa-ter. Henry: Min, Min. Get these adapted children up to bed. Min: Shut up you naughty FX: Knocks on door. Door opens Ned: Good evening! Henry: Ah, come in out of the dry, and wet yourself by this tap.

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Ned: Thank you. Professor, I want proof that there is only one genuine moon. Henry: Ah, there is only one. We've got it trapped in this telescope here. Ned: Let me see. Ah ha ha ha ho. That's the forged one. The real moon is over Paris. Henry: What!? This means war with Napoleon! Take the scabbard off my safety pin and fetch my leather horse, quickly! Min: Ah, all right Henry. Cut him down in his prime. Henry: mouth noises Ned: I must go to France and get back my rightful moon. Ellington; keep them amused while I'm away! Ray: Man, the excuses he makes to get to that brandy.

Ray: shakes tambourine Gentlemen, be seated, and the ladies, keep standing. Moriarty: What is it manure? Grytpype: Moriarty? I'm tired of driving this lift, do you hear? Moriarty: I told you that twelve shillings that we got off Seagoon wouldn't go far. Ned: walking on mic very bad French Pardonnezz moyz, mon-swars. Voolezz voooz tell me where is le sal de bain? Grytpype: Neddie! Ned: Grytpype!

Moriarty: Moriarty! Grytpype: Shut up you heavily oiled French wreck.

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Moriarty: Owwww. Ned: Gentlemen! Moriarty: Gentlemen? What does he mean?

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  8. Grytpype: It's just a word, Moriarty. Ned: Here is a wrote for your arrest. Moriarty: Arrest?! Run for it! After them on this pit orchestra! Ned: Finally, I traced them to Venice. Reading from left to right, H. Gondolier: Sellers thick Italian accent Senor, dis way!

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    Let me pull you from de water. You saved my life.

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    Gondolier: Well, we all make mistakes, you know. Ned: I know. I saw your wife. Now, where are they? Gondolier: Hiding behind a clothes-horse, in Rumania. Ned: shouts Alright you two! Come out from behind that clothes-horse, in Rumania! Moriarty: Curse, he's seen us in Rumania. The game's up, Grytpype. Grytpype: Never Moriarty! Get behind the wheel of these running shoes.

    FX: car driving under Moriarty: Right. Hold tight and off we go to the racecourse.

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    FX: car drives off Ned: Curses. They have the perfect formula for escape. Don't worry listeners. As the criminals in the stream-lined LCC plimsoll sped over the Pont de Rialto, I leapt into an English airing cupboard, and gave chase. Moriarty: I'm going as quick as I can. Grytpype: Get more power out of those jam tins. Moriarty: But they're old, a model It's a forgery, Grytpype.

    I know where you are! FX: feet running away Greenslade: While the chase is in progress, I should like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for your letters to me. Ned: shouting at Grytpype in background throughout Greenslade speech Many correspondents have asked why I have not made more significant and prolonged appearances in my role of "Wallace Greenslade, Demon Talker". I can assure you that I have approached Mr Seagoon with regard to taking over his part in the show.

    He said Well, um, I've got it written down here FX: one set of feet running under Ned: You sold me the wrong moon. FX: feet running away Moriarty: I'm going as fast as I can! Grytpype: Who were those ladies I saw you with last night? Moriarty: Those were no ladies, those were bearded men. Ned: I don't wish to know that, you pair of idiots.