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Have you ever wondered what kind of world this would be if every- one in it were exactly like you? For that matter, do you really feel you know yourself? If we can pinpoint the wavelength we are on, we are halfway there.


Numerology gives us this information. Many are happy with this knowledge alone. But knowing the basic meanings of numbers was not enough for me. There had to be a reason why they are so accurate in analysis. I had to dig further. I had to know how this knowledge was originally conceived, who drew these conclusions.

I reasoned that if names tell so much about a person and are so true, then words must also reveal their true import. I analyzed every word that came to mind and was overwhelmed with the discovery that the numbers of a word explain its meaning perfectly.

Furthermore, the shapes of letters that make up each word have a story to tell that is highly informative. Questions for Truth, Search for Knowledge 15 I learned that numbers are occult symbols. Occultism is the study of the hidden side of nature; it observes nature as a whole, rather than exam- ining it in parts as science does. When the day comes that the two meet, there will be greater strides in science than have ever been made before. The bottom line is that they are one and the same. This is what this book is about; the search for facts that explain the science behind number vibration and unraveling other mysteries on the way; discovering the thoughts of those who were most wise and how their beliefs have been and are being proved by science today.

And most im- portantly, how we can use this science to discover hidden meanings in our everyday words, our names, and in character analysis. It is an accurate tool for understanding our children and for employing the right people for the job. There are many fine books on numerology that cover name analysis well. This book is designed to provide background reference material that can be used with any one of them. It is a sourcebook of information that I found scattered throughout a great deal of literature, and through meditation.

I had a thirst for knowledge and a quest for truth. The study of num- bers put me on the road to illumination. A whole world opened up to me and life took on new meaning.

If this book proves to be as exciting and enlightening to anyone else who is sincerely seeking answers, then my work has been even more worthwhile. Jordan, as you may know, died in , less than two months short of her th birthday. She was frail when I saw her but her voice was strong and her mental faculties still finely tuned. She spoke passionately of the need for numerologists to spend much more of their time in researching and studying the deeper meanings of the numbers.

Jordan clearly felt that the symbolism of the numbers was at the very center of the ancient study of numerology. In my experience, numerologists generally follow two chief avenues of study. One is to concentrate on finding and experimenting with new combinations of numbers and letters in search for new understandings. When a new book is published, for instance, many numerologists enjoy checking to see if there are any new configurations to test for accuracy and reliability.

Less often, numerologists spend time researching, con- templating, or meditating on the symbolic meanings—and the extended meanings—of numbers and letters. Some numerologists see, as I do, that the heart of the matter is to be found, simply enough, in these basic pieces. The more I understand about each number and letter, the more I can discern in the numerology charts I study and, in many ways, the more I also understand about myself and the world. I agree with Juno Jordan that the study of the symbolic mean- ings of the numbers—and their accompanying letters—is a vital place for numerologists to devote a considerable amount of their energies.

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And Shirley Blackwell Lawrence has made that kind of study consid- erably easier by writing this book. It fills a vital need. Homer She provides in-depth information on the form of the symbols—and the derivations and meanings of these forms.

She writes in an enlightened manner. For instance, her recognition of the similarity between the look of the head of an ox and the uterus, along with their symbolic connections with beginnings, physical reproduction, the Hebrew letter Aleph, and the English letter A.

Lawrence is often helpful in clarifying some meanings of the let- ters by discussing many words, which begin with the letter in question. She connects B to baby, M to mountain and magical, F to family and father- hood. Her discussions of the numbers are equally enlightening and significant. The beginning and ending sections of the book offer another won- derful treasure trove. Dow Balliet, Julia Seton, and the like. Thank you, Shirley, for helping to make the historical record a bit more accurate.

Introduction 19 You will likely have your own favorites among the Lawrence trea- sures.

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For me, that part of the book addresses one of the key areas in numerology, and is an especially valuable contribution. Blavatsky tells us that the secret laws were passed on orally from teacher to student for thousands of years, and that they were never written down.

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She added that they would gradually be revealed to true and honest seekers of the New Age and that revelation would come when the time was right. At that time this information would be of use only to the enlightened minds of the day, for no one else would find sense in or use for it. Certain mystic writers have been entrusted with part of the knowledge, and in the future there will be still others to reveal even more. I believe these ancient secrets are being made known now, in this New Age, or this small portion would not have been revealed to me.

Why me? All I know is that I had a deep and honest desire to know and that something has been urging me in this direction all my life. From the time I was a child I had a great interest in things of a spiri- tual nature. I thought ancient man must have been very fortunate to have been so close to his beginnings, and so close to nature. The stronghold of opinions had not yet begun to form.


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Ancient peoples did not have to go far to find forests and other natural scenes of beauty where they could feel the stillness of the environment, hear the song of birds and insects, and feel the strong aura of approaching animals. I reasoned that in the very beginning there had to be only God, and that in order to create anything it had to come out of Himself. We are all divine substance— intelligent particles in the whole body of our creator. The Secret Science of Numerology 24 I used to hear such wonderful lectures in my head that I wished some- one would invent a machine that could capture every word that was spo- ken by that still, small voice.

Eventually, I was able to write down some of these thoughts, until I had notebooks filled with them—thoughts that I later found written in other books. Where did these thoughts come from? At the time I believed that they were purely my imagination.

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But I did tune into something out there, or within, and it told no lies. I came to trust these inner monologues and in time learned to distinguish them from my own thoughts. As I grew older I often thought I would like to study ancient Hebrew because it was the language from which all biblical translations originated. But I never expected this research to take me into the very heart of it.