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Sep 26, Alla Gonopolsky. Sep 12, Shawna Kenney. Sep 5, Sara Lieberman. Aug 29, Rebecca Agiewich. Aug 22, Cara Danielle Brown. Aug 15, Oluwatosin Adeshokan. Sara Wheeler. Facebook 0 Twitter LinkedIn 0. In , forty-nine-year-old Trollope—mother of Victorian novelist Anthony—swapped England for Ohio and wrote one of the most sensational travel accounts of the nineteenth century. Domestic Manners of the Americans made an instant splash on both sides of the Atlantic: Mark Twain judged her the best foreign commentator of his country, and the last king of France threw a ball in her honor.

Fanny was living proof of life after fertility, and she led Wheeler to other trailblazing British travelers and transplants:. Tough-minded outsiders, these women's truest qualities emerged in a country as incomplete and tentative as their native land was staid and settled. Includes many vintage scenes and photos. Pen designed in collaboration with Elliott Murphy. Virtuoso rock guitarist, Marty May found glory at a young age, living the high life of a rock star in New York during the 's.

Then his promising career, along with his marriage, slipped away and at thirty-three he is living alone, broke, without a record contract and hassled by collection agencies. Marty fears that he has blown not only his career but any chance at a normal life and wonders if he should go back to playing the blues alongside his first mentor Blind Red Rose. Set in the 's when times turned tough for true rockers and the music business became more about the business then the music, Marty May is the story of a man vulnerable to temptation while trying to stay true to his most precious beliefs.

Both elegant and tragic like The Great Gatsby put into the age of rock 'n roll, Elliott Murphy's legendary first novel is finally available in English in it's full original version. New Book of Short Stories! Paris Stories is a collection of eleven short stories by American singer-songwriter Elliott Murphy, author of two novels and over thirty-five albums of music. Written in Europe where he has lived since , these stories reflect both the same expatriate experiences in the spirit of Henry James, Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway and capture the mood of the city itself during the last years of the 20th Century.

This book finally brings to the public a project that Elliott has been planning for quite some time ever since he came across a file of poetry on a discarded computer that he had nearly forgotten about. All of the poems in this collection were written in Europe where Elliott has lived since and although a few of his early poems were published in Rolling Stone Forty Poems In Forty Nights marks the first collection of his poetry published in book form.

O My America! (eBook) by Sara Wheeler (Author)

Order it now in the store. The medal will be awarded to Elliott in a ceremony on November 4 in Paris. Elliott Murphy's classic album Lost Generation , produced by Paul Rothschild Doors, Janis Joplin , has been featured in a current Rolling Stone top singer-songwriter albums of the 's article. You can buy it NOW on iTunes. Elliott Murphy's new album Aquashow Deconstructed is the long-awaited return visit to his classic first album Aquashow where each of the ten original songs have been re-recorded with stunning new arrangements, intense vocals and renewed excitement.

The original album title came from his father's 's watershow and the seeds for these songs were planted while Elliott was busking for change in Europe in He explains: "Even though the original Aquashow album was released in , the songs have always stayed with me as I continue to play many of them, particularly 'Last of the Rock Stars,' 'How's The Family' and 'White Middle Class Blues' in concert.

O My America!: Six Women and Their Second Acts in a New World

Now, forty years later, I decided to record these songs again, in a different way, deconstructed, while maintaining the integrity and emotional link to the original. It was quite an intense for me, to revisit these same songs with my son at the recording desk so many years later. Scott Fitzgerald. Aquashow Deconstructed will be an instant classic for the legions of long time Elliott Murphy fans and also the perfect album to introduce new listeners to his music.

In today's instant celebrity atmosphere it is rare that an album is released with such a historic story behind it. Elliott's son Gaspard Murphy has produced this album with young ears he is now the same age Elliott was when he recorded the original 24 years old and Elliott himself tried to play as many of the instruments as possible with brilliant contributions from his long time virtuoso guitarist Olivier Durand.

And, as you might expect, like the original, Elliott is sporting a dandyish white suit on the cover! A classic album is reborn! You can buy it NOW in our online store. Among opther things, Elliott talks about the audiences in Europe compared to those in the U. They are very into it, into the music and honestly, they tend to stay faithful much longer. Rock music here is a cultural phenomenon; age doesn't matter and as an artist you get great support. NEW EP! The songs were inspired as he sat at his kitchen table looking at the vacant window across the street on rue Beauregard.

There is a 21st Century spiritual theme throughout the collection with a production style that is both modern and traditional at the same time, unlike anything Elliott has previously released Intime is a very powerful and personal collection of recordings which demand … intimacy. Available March 10th! All mail orders of Intime from the Elliott Murphy store will receive a signed copy of the lyrics.

A man looking out of an open window never sees as much as the same man looking directly at a closed window. Jorge and Elliott are currently working on a new project together. Stay tuned! Included in the 12 page booklet are extensive notes by Elliott himself and many rare photos. Both albums have undergone painstaking remastering to bring out every detail of these iconic analog recordings. All Music Guide has long rated both albums with 4 stars and now they have never sounded better. Order now directly from the Elliott Murphy Store.

Thanks to his son for helping get it all together. Be sure to tune in! Free MP3! The buzz begins Click on the image above for a bigger version of the cover. Full details on the tour page. Come on out for a fantastic evening of music, old and new! Click on the image above for a bigger version. Read Elliott's full acceptance speech. Poetic Justice is finally available in English! Elliott's legendary neo-western novel Poetic Justice is finally available in an English version at Amazon.

You can purchase a paperback edition or download a digital version to read on your iPhone, iPad, Kindle or other device. If you happen to be an Amazon. It's a great summer read! Lost Generation and Night Lights are finally available! Lost Generation was Elliott's second album where to escape the New York media frenzy following the release of his iconic first album Aquashow he relocated to Los Angeles to work with legendary Doors Producer Paul Rothschild and a who's who of the finest session players of the time including drummer Jim Gordon Derek and the Dominos and keyboardist Richard Tee Paul Simon.

All three cds are in digipacks. This 2 CD version has 4 bonus tracks and is limited to copies.

by Frances Trollope

Each copy is hand signed by Elliott and comes with a print of the setlist from the show, hand signed and numbered as well. To order please go to the GB Records site. The packed boat circled the incredible archipelago of Stockholm while Elliott played two personalized solo sets to the accompaniment of an awe-inspiring sunset. Everyone who returned to port said their life was indelibly changed for the better.

We are trying to make it an annual event! New Video! Watch the new video for Elliott's new single "Counterclockwise" by French director Ronan Time will fly by! New iTunes Exclusive Album! They recorded 7 songs including David Bowie's "Heroes" as well as selections from the recently released Elliott Murphy album and a slow, soulful version of Elliott's classic "Green River" and you can get it now on iTunes:. Elliott Murphy's new album, although musically rich and lyrically intense, has a very simple title - Elliott Murphy - and begins a new cycle in the Murphy career and legend as it was produced by none other then Elliott's 20 year-old son Gaspard Murphy.

Sara Wheeler

Order the CD now from the website store! It's also available at iTunes:.

Hear many of the new songs performed live! Check the tour section for details. Check the Tour section for details.

With a beautiful cover photo by Jack Mitchell from the Aquashow sessions and full of photos from all periods of Elliott's career inside. All the words from Aquashow to Notes From the Underground! Now available in the store on this site.

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Be there! Click on image for full schedule. The set list is: 1. The Valley Below 2.