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And the seven indexes put all of this valuable information at your fingertips. The Ministers Manual is truly unequaled in. Messages for Communion Services. Messages for Funeral Services. The Minister's Manual for James W. He has been the editor of The Minister's Manual since This is one of the areas where the Roman Catholics and Protestants disagree. The Catholic Church considers these books as part of the Old Testament canon, while the Protestant Church rejects them as inspired Scripture.

First, none of these books claim the same kind of authority as the Old Testament books.

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Fourth, and most important, these books contain passages that support doctrines that contradict the rest of the Bible. For instance, these books promote purgatory, prayers for the dead, and justification by faith plus good works, not by faith alone. Although St. Jerome, who completed his Latin Vulgate translation of the Bible in A. This is why our Bibles contain 39 books in the Old Testament canon. It is primarily the apostles who were given the ability from the Holy Spirit to recall accurately the words of Jesus and write them correctly for future generations.

The apostles were seen to claim an authority equal to the Old Testament prophets, and authority to speak the very words of God. They do this to record, interpret, and apply to the lives of believers the great truths about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here are a few good examples of this:.

In addition to the apostles, there were a few other authors who were closely associated with the apostles whom God inspired to write some of the books in the New Testament. There was also the two gospel writers Mark and Luke, both of whom assisted the Apostle Paul on his missionary journeys. As the New Testament books circulated with other books at the time, the early church leaders carefully examined the books and were able to recognize the authentic marks of inspiration by the Holy Spirit.

Although this process took a few hundred years, by A. Thirsty years later, in A. Now that we have a better understanding of the canon of Scripture, I hope we will all have even more confidence that the 66 books of the Bible really do constitute the divinely inspired and authoritative Word of God. God has proved his love for us by giving us everything we need for life and godliness in these books!

And I know that you have heard me say this hundreds of times, but here it is again! Read and heed the Bible! May all 66 books nurture our souls and give us the guidance we so desperately need for life! His career was up and down—unbelievably down at times. Twice he was bankrupt, and once he was stricken by a disease that almost proved fatal. And the situation was so bleak in that, just before he wrote the Messiah, he had seriously considered giving up on music and going back to Germany.

But instead, Handel turned to his faith in God.

He composed the Messiah in 24 days without once leaving his house. During this time, his servant brought him food, and when he returned, the meal was often left uneaten. Have you ever felt inspired by something? Have you ever listened to a marvelous piece of music, viewed a fabulous work of fine art, stood before a spectacular landscape, or heard an remarkable story that literally sent chills down your spine or took your breath away? Have you ever encountered something that filled your senses in such a way that your soul immediately recognized the presence of God in it?

Likewise, have you ever felt inspired to do something? Have you ever experienced the Holy Spirit empowering you beyond your natural abilities? Sometimes people get this inspiration when they are crafting a piece of art, working on a project, or even carrying on a conversation.

Pastor Stesha Darby, widow of Pastor Stephen Darby can preach!

I suppose this is what Sir Christopher Wren underwent when he was designing St. Whereas we can surmise that these great artists were somehow inspired to create their majestic masterpieces, the Bible itself attests to the fact that the Scriptures were literally inspired by God and the human authors were moved by the Holy Spirit to write them down. Theologians refer to this phenomenon as the inspiration of Scripture. By inspiration they mean that supernatural influence of the Holy Spirit on the Scripture writers which rendered their writings as accurate record of the Word of God.

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Erickson The first is 2 Peter , where the Apostle Peter is trying to assure his readers that the Apostles did not invent clever stories about Jesus Christ. Rather, they were eyewitnesses to his majestic glory. Peter asserts that their personal experience with Jesus affirms or makes more certain the words of the Old Testament prophets. This is how the New Testament corroborates the Old Testament.

In verse 19, Peter challenges his readers to pay close attention to these prophetic words because they are like light shining in a dark place.

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These words have the power to awaken dead hearts to the salvation that comes through Jesus Christ, who is the bright morning star. For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. They were not produced by human will or decision.

Rather, the human authors were moved or carried along by the Spirit of God. The impetus that led to the writing came from the Holy Spirit, not themselves.

Biography of Charles Spurgeon, Prince of Preachers

A second reference is from the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3. In this final letter before he died, Paul wrote to his young assistant Timothy to encourage him to keep the faith in the face of widespread heresy and persecution. The Old Testament pointed to Jesus Christ, the only one who could provide salvation for sinful human beings.

All of the Scriptures were actually breathed by God before they ever entered the mind or reached the quill of the human author. I challenge you to pick a book of the Bible and begin working your way through it. Or start with the Book of Proverbs or Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament—these books are filled with practical wisdom for everyday life!

Read in the morning while sipping a cup of coffee or on your lunch break or at night before you go to bed! This means that we should look to the Bible to understand the nature of God and our responsibility as human beings. The Bible should shape our views of human origins, life and death, morality and ethics, politics, economics, business, science, technology, art, culture, marriage, parenting, friendship, family relationships, sexuality, spirituality, money, and material possessions.

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The Bible should also be our authoritative guide for such hot button social issues as climate change, race relations, immigration policy, abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and reproductive technologies, genetic engineering, gun control, and war. Will you let the God-breathed Scriptures teach, rebuke, correct, and train you for righteousness? He was brought up with a naturalistic education and he never showed the slightest interest in spiritual things. He had never seen a Bible. But when World War I came, and he sat in the trenches he found himself reflecting on the inadequacy of his atheistic worldview.

He began asking himself the deep questions of life such as: Where did life come from? What does life mean, if anything?


What value are scientific laws and theories in the face of human deprivation and death? Thus, when he was later wounded and released from the army and returned to his studies, he made up his mind that he would secretly prepare such a book for his own use. As he read for his courses, he would file away passages that seemed to speak to his condition. He copied them in a leather-bound book. He hoped that the quotations would lead him from anxiety and anguish to joy and jubilation. But when he began to read, he found that his soul was unsatisfied by the words he had recorded.

Then he realized that his whole project had been a failure. Dejected, he returned the little book to his pocket. At that very moment, his wife who knew nothing about his project came by with an interesting story. She had been walking in their tiny French village that afternoon and had stumbled upon a small Christian chapel.

Much to her own surprise, she went inside and asked for a Bible.