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The American Legion has been sponsoring this Laguna tradition for more than 50 years. The hunt is on for kids ages nine and under on Easter Sunday. Coming early, around p. The American Legion asks that participants bring their own basket and that they do not bring plastic grass.

On Wednesday, April 17 at 4 p. Mankiewiczand Welles. Sculptor creates angel memorial sand sculpture at Steps Beach for Geraldine Whitney. Angel sculpture at Steps Beach.

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She is also surived by 29 grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren, and 16 great-great grandchildren. She is preceded in death by her husband, Dave Whitney, Sr.

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We had a celebration of life on Easter Day and it was wonderful. She was an extraordinary woman… RIP. Tie-One-On exhibit on display at City Hall. On view are 35 neckties decorated by Festival artists, circa A reception event, free to the public, will be held on Thursday, June 6, from - p.

Photo by Mike Tauber. Ties of fiber, glass, metal, and wood, as well as those worn by their owners, are included. Ties were sold at fundraiser events on the Festival of Arts grounds to support artists suffering hardship from medical and unfortunate circumstances. Collector Anna Hamann with her bejeweled tie by the late Don Beres.

For information, email This email address is being protected from spambots.

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City Hall is located at Forest Ave. Five seasonal strategies to stay healthy this spring. Hello and welcome to the Happiness corner. One of my favorite things about the Ayurvedic way of life is its rich guidance in terms of practices to help us live in harmony with nature throughout the year. Ayurveda teaches that health is our natural state, which can be accessed by following the rhythms of nature.

So accordingly, Ayurveda gives us guidance for healthy living in the form of its seasonal health teachings, which are called Ritucharya. Through following Ritucharya, we are able to live in sync with the cycles of nature, and thereby maximize our potential for amazing health. In Ayurveda, there are three bio-forces, or fundamental constituents of the body, called doshas. These bio-forces are comprised of the five great elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. The doshas are naturally increased at different times of the year.

In the springtime, when the flowers are blossoming, the birds are chirping, and everything is moist and juicy outside, kapha dosha made up of water and earth elements is dominant in the atmosphere. One of the fundamental principles of Ayurveda is that of the unity between the macrocosm the world outside and the microcosm our inner world of our individual body and mind.

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So, when everything is moist and juicy outside, our inner environment is also filled with moisture in the form of an increase in the water and earth elements. This natural increase in earth and water can lead to all sorts of common spring afflictions, like colds, coughing, allergies, asthma, and more.

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Eat light foods. People often ask me what it means to eat light versus heavy foods. The way Ayurveda answers this is that heavy foods are those which tax your digestive system, making you feel sluggish or tired afterwards, and that seem to sit in your stomach for a long time. Examples of foods that are heavy to digest include meats, cheeses, pastries, oils, pies, milk, butter, nuts, and many fruits. Foods that are lighter to digest and hence good for springtime include green vegetables like asparagus, spinach, and kale , peppers, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, and green mung dal.

During the spring season, it is advised in the ancient Ayurvedic texts to get lots of heavy-duty exercise. So think cardio, speed walking, and aerobic movement. What exercise does is increase the natural heat in the body, which allows you to digest food better as digestion is compared to a fire in Ayurveda, and we want to keep our inner digestive fire strong to be healthy. Incorporate heating spices into your meals.


This is the time of year to enjoy spicier foods! I typically experience a lot of heat in my body, so I tend to avoid consuming too much of spices like black pepper, garlic, and ginger as a result. During the springtime, however, due to the natural increase of kapha dosha in the atmosphere, I find that I am able to enjoy more spices. The dry form of ginger is a powerful ally to call upon any time you may feel a cold coming on, or you want to stop a runny nose.

Napping in the daytime increases moisture in your body. During the spring season, we want to totally avoid this, since there is already plenty of moisture in the atmosphere. And adding more moisture to ourselves tends to push us toward imbalance, while staying active leads us toward health. Enjoy honey as your best springtime snack option. For optimal digestion, Ayurveda generally recommends avoiding snacking. On its own, honey aged for at least one year has unique immunity-boosting and toxin-cleansing qualities. Wishing you a very happy spring!

In Peace, Love and Gratitude. The different moods of Victoria Beach. Exposed rocks at the north end of Victoria Beach. Wild and wooly waves. Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;. And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,. And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying. The Ranch at Laguna Beach is known for its fantastic golf course, delicious food, and lush rooms, but now they are also known as a canine rescue. On Wednesday, The Ranch at Laguna Beach found a wayward puppy on the property grounds and reunited her with her owner.

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The pup, Portia, had been missing for 19 days and was last seen at Bluebird Canyon and Coast Highway. She is now back with her owner and in good spirits after a happy reunion at The Ranch. Last week, the team at The Ranch LB noticed a wayward puppy wandering the property grounds. The team collectively worked together and tried to catch the pup, but she kept disappearing. The pup, thankfully not a vegetarian, quickly devoured the breakfast treat.

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She was a bit emaciated but in good spirits, so The Ranch LB immediately set out in search of her owner. A helpful Ranch LB staffer found a Patch. They knew immediately they had found her! Portia had been missing since June 1. The Ranch LB called her owner, who raced down to the property to pick her up.

Portia is one lucky dog with, no doubt, many a tale to tell about her adventures. Another focus of her early years was designing teacher training that included how to integrate the classroom as LA school populations grew and changed. With the support and team of instructors from Cerritos College, mothers of Head Start students had the opportunity to complete a certificate program and become pre-school teachers. The success of this program was a collaborative effort of local no-profit organizations and community volunteers.

The program has previously won an Art Star Award for collaboration.